More Urlacher Information

I realized that it might help my readers if I provided some useful values in the new format, the Ur.

Gas Constant = R = 8.314 X 10-3 Ur mol-1 deg-1

Activation Energies commonly used by Noble Gas Thermochronologists
He in apatite = 138.1 Ur/mol
He in zircon = 169.0 Ur/mol
He in sphene = 186.6 Ur/mol
He in titanite = 186.6 Ur/mol (har har)
Ar in kspar = 183.3 Ur/mol
Ar in biotite = 197.1 Ur/mol
Ar in muscovite = 179.9 Ur/mol
Ar in hornblende = 276.1 Ur/mol

To help move us all into the new system, it is good to remember that 1 Ur = 1 kJ

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