Attention Mississippi Voters

Just a brief note referring everyone, especially those of you who may live or vote in Mississippi of State House Bill 625, put forward by Rep. Mike Lott, which would require that if evolution is taught in public schools, then both creationism and intelligent design must be taught as well in order to provide the students with “a comprehensive eduction in science.” I’ll also cross post with another related geoblogospheric post from our good friends at …Or Something, and provide a general like for those interested to the National Center for Science Education. Those of you who agree there needs to be a balance in science education are also directed to one of my favorite alternate theories.

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4 Responses to Attention Mississippi Voters

  1. glenda says:

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. CJR says:

    …that has what, exactly, to do with an education bill? Are they trying to blame 9/11 on evilutionists now?

    Do you know if this is any more likely to be enacted than last year’s go?

  3. Not that I don’t love conspiracy theories, but I’d appreciate it if the comments had something to do with the posting, so I deleted the first comment.

  4. Brian says:

    It seemed like a generic form letter kind of comment…they probably just go around the blogosphere inserting it where they can…hoping someone will listen.

    As for the Mississippi bill….arghh….let’s hope that the bill not only doesn’t pass, but is used as toilet paper.

    When I feel sad about this stuff, I like to go back to the Dover case and read the Bush-appointed judges comments on how ridiculous the ID’ers are.

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