MacGyver Guest-Star Tangent, Masters of the Universe

So I’ve received many emails and comments asking me to post something about all of the important actors who guest starred on MacGyver, Patron Saint of Thermochronologists (I’ve proposed this as the new title for the show, I’ve yet to hear back from the studio). I plan on such a post, but I stumbled across something early in my research that I had to bring to your attention.

I was on linking through some of the people on the guest star list when I clicked on the link for Kristian Alfonso, who appeared in two episodes of MacGyver, Patron Saint of Thermochronologists. Under the list of movies she was appearing in, was

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

! What is even better is that she isn’t the voice for a character on a cartoon, no, this is going to be a live action thriller, with one of the writing credits going to M. Night Shyamalan!? Both Skeletor and Man-At-Arms are being played by guys from professional wrestling? This is nowhere near as exciting as when I first saw the preview for the also upcoming Transformers movie, but still. Actually, let’s be honest, the movie will probably blow. He-Man is, however, a good nickname for a dude who works with helium, so even though I never cared much for the cartoon, it still grabs my attention.

This also got me thinking about the degree I had wished I had earned, that being a Masters of the Universe. I thought about this at a time when my alma mater was introducing yet another advanced degree title, something like Ph.D. in Earth Science or something. The argument being that for some people, advanced degrees in geological and environmental sciences, or geophysics, or whatever weren’t specific enough, they needed something that fit their particular research more snugly. They worry that a potential employer would be wowed by their publications and letters of reference, but potentially cast them aside because their Ph.D. was in too general of a field. This is an argument I find completely ridiculous. I have a degree in geological and environmental sciences, I’d prefer it to just be geology (my research and skillz are focused in geology) but I never for once thought that anyone really cares that much. Wouldn’t my CV be more important than my official title? This trend is common in undergraduate degrees, at least in the sciences, where your major can be in earth systems geosphere tract instead of geology, 3 or 4 variations on chemistry or biology, etc. It seems kind of absurd.

Anyway, I then decided that instead of making degrees more specific, we need the broadest one possible, namely, the Masters of the Universe (MsUn). Think about it, any potential employer would immediately associate the holder of such a degree with s superhero, one that is confident enough in himself to wear leather underwear. In addition, He-Man allegedly got his power from the mineral Korodite, which makes the inclusion of this degree in an earth science framework even more plausible.

According to Wikipedia, Captain Ivan Drago, err, I mean Dolph Lundgren played He-Man in a 1987 film adaptation, which I haven’t seen. But I have high hopes, not for this movie, but for the surge of energy it will give the movement to create a Masters of the Universe program somewhere in the world.

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  1. your research skillz are in geology? what about your nunchuk skillz?

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