Apparent Dip Music Club Update – David Francey Concert

I took advantage today of a repetitive lab procedure to reserve a ticket for my first concert in a long time, and the first since I made it to the northeast. This Sunday David Francey is playing in a nearby town (not much of a drive at all), and Thermochronic has a ticket! I blogged about David Francey when I first started Apparent Dip, I even embedded some YouTube videos of him performing. Unfortunately the videos are no longer available on YouTube, but for just $15.00 I’ll be able to see him live. This will of course lead to the first Apparent Dip concert review, but that’s it for now. I post this mainly because I am excited, but also to point out that David Francey has a pretty extensive tour he is in the middle of, so if he is coming to a little opera house a short drive from you, my bet is that it will be well worth the travel.

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1 Response to Apparent Dip Music Club Update – David Francey Concert

  1. Steve says:

    Have a great show man! A good way to get back on the concert wagon… he tells some good stories.

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