Broader Impacts

I spent most of the holiday finishing off the last of the bajillion temperature steps I ran on a k-feldspar from my new field area (collected by someone else, but mine now!) I got to thinking about my thesis, and then about how much I contributed to the world’s knowledge base. Here is a diagram I came up with, in case you are curious.

Yes, they are different.

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4 Responses to Broader Impacts

  1. Chuck says:

    Are the circles the same size?

  2. They are supposed to be, although the care with which I cut and pasted is questionable. I doubt the difference would be noticeable without a higher resolution image anyways.

  3. Chuck says:

    Does the wedge get larger or smaller?

  4. Ha! I credited myself with a 1ppt (that’s parts per trillion) increase in our general knowledge base, but I could be off by +/- 100%. I think I thought the orange wedge was much larger when I finished high school…

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