On-line Thermochronology Community

Lest you think Apparent Dip is the only on-line refuge for Thermochronologists, I’d like to point out the OnTrack Forum, an on-line forum for the international fission-track and thermochronology community. The Forum is edited by Matthias Raab, a research fellow at the University of Melbourne. Although originally a fission-track journal (hence the name), it incorporates all manner of thermochronology, and provides a forum for discussion, networking, meeting announcements, and the like. You must register to take part in any of the discussions, but that is free and worth it if you are a budding thermochronologist.

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4 Responses to On-line Thermochronology Community

  1. Ben says:

    OnTrack Forum is an excellent website. How did you come across this rare pearl?Ben

  2. Maggie says:

    I’m struggling with Using the HeFty Software anybody with an Idea on how to play around wit it?

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