Cardboard Baozi Retraction

Looks like this story might have been made up, my apologies.

Although, as the anonymous commenter points out, who’s to say this isn’t a face saving maneuver by the already food scandaled Chinese government? It would be interesting to see the original news piece (assuming I could understand mandarin, of course).

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6 Responses to Cardboard Baozi Retraction

  1. Anonymous says:

    k it was true ands the Chinese government in an effort to improve thier image made this charge against the newspaper employee.

  2. Potential, maybe we need to organize a double blind taste test…

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m willing to bet that the story about cardboard food is true. The Chinese government is clearly attempting to save some face in light of all that’s happened regarding their unsafe exports.

  4. Did any of the suspect buns get smuggled out of the country? The only reason I might believe the report was fake is because I have a really hard time believing no one could tell that more than half of the product was cardboard. I’ve never eaten cardboard, but still, that fascinates me.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The New York Times I believe had a story today about the retaliation against whistle blowers in China. If you report something that is wrong in one of their plants or industries or restaurants, it is a crime against the state which is the people so you the one who exposed the problem are arrested and put in jail while the wrong doers continue to do what they want. So don’t be so quick to believe that this was a hoax.

  6. True, I have no problem admitting when I might be wrong, you may notice that I did change the wording of my entries to reflect the uncertainty. I have been focusing on rewriting a paper I recently submitted and got the reviews back for, and primarily meant to let my readers know that there was some dispute over the original report. I’d be very interested in other sources that deal with this, if anyone has any ideas or insight. I’ve been getting a fair number of hits for this post, so suggestions would be very welcome.

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