Academic Job in Geology article at the Chronicle of Higher Education

Just wanted to bring attention to an article I read today in the Chronicle of Higher Education written by a post-doc in the geosciences. S/he (it is anonymous) has had a very successful run as a post-doc both from a funding and publication perspective, and is writing about the academic job hunt and the importance placed on teaching at research universities.

So now I’m wondering: Are department heads interested in research because they place such value on the selfless pursuit of knowledge? Or does all that grant money just help them make the case for a new building? Is the learning environment better once a university has that new student center with a Starbucks and Macintosh G4 workstations for checking e-mail? Maybe. Does it facilitate student learning to have those state-of-the art classrooms that wirelessly beam PowerPoint slides to students’ laptops? Probably. But wouldn’t it be even better if the faculty could put some of that 80-percent effort back into teaching, so those PowerPoint slides beaming across the classroom make sense?

Just as an aside, the Chronicle of Higher Education actually has a fairly steady stream of good articles on all aspects of being in academia. Unfortunately I can’t seem to add them to google reader…..

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4 Responses to Academic Job in Geology article at the Chronicle of Higher Education

  1. Ron Schott says:

    You know, I’d have completely missed this article if you hadn’t blogged about it because The Chronicle only offers RSS feeds (subscribed!) for their News section (as far as I can tell). Thanks for highlighting this!

  2. No problem, the lack of an RSS feed on the Chronicle Jobs page has irked me for a while, it is one of many things I will complain about after a few beers….

  3. Anonymous says: Careers offers dozens of RSS feeds, based on position categories (such as Deans or History). Choose as many job categories as you like and receive feeds for each. Two examples follow:Deans – ( – (

  4. Genius! Thanks for the heads up, I am sure my readers will be shocked that it was my own ignorance and not the fault of the Chronicle. I am off to subscribe!

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