President Elect Barack Obama!

Apparent Dip is thrilled and profoundly happy to announce that my endorsement of Barack Obama for president appears to have worked, tipping the balance in crucial states, and leading to an overwhelming victory for Barack Obama.

I am unfortunately listening to television pundits try to sound profound right now. John McCain gave a fantastic concession speech, I am glad he did not speak like that during the campaign, I feel the contest would have been much closer.

Time to watch his acceptance speech!

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7 Responses to President Elect Barack Obama!

  1. Neo says:

    Well this is still the USA maybe all the Spanish speaking illegal imigrants will think twice about coming here now, just kidding…This is bound to be very interesting I have my opinion but then don’t we all, I really do wish well of O’bama, maybe he will come through with some of the campaign promises but my felling is it was just that… campaign promises

  2. MuseSwings says:

    Here I was thinking I was personally responsible for this excellent turn of events. Whatever. I can deal with it. I’ll figure out something else to take credit for after I’ve had some lunch.

  3. Sorry, early exit polling suggests that my endorsement was the clincher.

  4. Beth Quist says:

    thank you all powerful person! the world salutes you! 🙂

  5. Bananasana says:

    Thank god you got that endorsement in under the wire!

  6. GeoBeed says:

    OT – Just found your blog and nearly spit my drink out at your name. LOVE it!! LOL

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