I am a geologist. I grew up in the social, political, and intellectual capital of California, went to Tiny Midwestern Liberal Arts College (TMLAC), earned my Ph.D. at Big Private Western Research University (BPWRU), did a post-doc at Northeastern Snowbound University (NSU), adjuncted anywhere that would hire me, and am now a Research Scientist at Mile High Research University (MHRU). I specialize in thermochronology and tectonics. A few things about me: a surprisingly large chunk of my brain is filled with song lyrics, I prefer tortilla-based meals, and I know in my heart that flannel never goes out of style. This is my blog, boo-yah.

Feel free to email me at thermochronic urlacher gmail dot com, just replace the name of the best NFL defender of the last few decades with an @ and a dot with an actual dot.

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