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For the Love of Field Trips

Years ago I was asked to fill out a survey that dealt with the recruitment and retention of geology majors. Specifically, many schools have introduced environmental science majors which have siphoned off potential geologists**, generally draining students from the more … Continue reading

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My last new rock? The peperite.

When you begin to learn geology you are asked to become familiar with an enormous new vocabulary. Rock types, time periods, structural features, and locations, from anticline to zeolite (or apatite to zircon if you decide to be a thermochronologist). I … Continue reading

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FT2008 – Alaska chapter 4 and a big thanks

Before I write any more about FT2008, the International Conference on Thermochronometry, I need to take care of one blog related item. Last week I was named a “blog of note” on, and have since seen a drastic increase … Continue reading

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FT2008 – Alaska chapter 3 – Alaskan Wildlife

So no geology this post, but instead I thought I’d post some of the wildlife pictures I took on the Denali and Kenai Peninsula field trips. First from the Kenai peninsula fjords cruise, some Stellar Sea Lions, hanging out on … Continue reading

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FT2008 – Alaska chapter 2

As I mentioned in my last post, the scientific program at FT2008 (The International Conference on Thermochronometry in Anchorage) was overall pretty impressive. I thought I’d highlight a few of the presentations that I found most interesting. As a side … Continue reading

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Spring [Field Trip] Fever

Here at ESRU we’ve been enjoying some unseasonably warm weather, even hitting the 80’s last week. Although the cold nights have returned, this amuse-bouche of spring has sent my brain into desert field trip mode. As a undergraduate, my first … Continue reading

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Anyone have a spare Andy Goldsworthy?

I’ve been a definite blogging rut lately, more than a rut really, more like a chasm, thalweg, canyon, trench, graben……..the list goes on. The trouble is that I have some ideas, but I am still unsure of the direction of … Continue reading

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O.G. (Original Geochronologist) R.J. Strutt

Blogger’s Note – Today we are digging into the archives of Apparent Dip. I am working on my AGU poster and not up for a brand new post, so I thought I’d re-post one of my earliest entries. My audience … Continue reading

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Deskcrop #3 – Ventifacts

Today’s deskcrop is a ventifact. A ventifact is a rock that has been abraded by the windblown particles: sandblasted if you will. They typically have a heavily grooved or polished surface. Large ventifacts can have the grooves aligned with the … Continue reading

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Deskcrop (?) #2 – Mantle Xenoliths

As pointed out by Ron and Kim, the next samples from my rock collection for posting are my mantle xenoliths. Xenoliths are pieces of a pre-existing rock that get incorporated into a magma but for any variety of reasons, do … Continue reading

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