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Sustainable publication rates

Peer-reviewed publications are the currency of academia, and are the primary driving force in determining who gets faculty jobs. There are other considerations, but this is #1. This hasn’t always been the case, take a look at older faculty CV’s, … Continue reading

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The Art of Mineral Separation

UPDATE – My next post is a more complete discussion of mineral separation. When many people in the geochronology/thermochronology community talk about new gadgets and gizmos on their wishlist they seem to focus almost entirely on the sample analysis side … Continue reading

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Credit for e-cademic work

I came across this article in the Chronicle of Higher Education the other day and thought it might be interesting for the blogosphere; especially for those of us who put up original work in our blogs. The article is about … Continue reading

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Wunderground and free public data

The following post may seem like I am meandering but there is a point, I promise, stay with me. We in the American northeast have been enjoying a pretty late winter this year, meaning, it’s a hell of a lot … Continue reading

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More on Reviews

Recently Lab Lemming started a good discussion on some of the issues involved with scientific reviews, specifically reviewer anonymity. This, and related posts throughout the geoblogosphere were especially timely for me. In the past two weeks I have reached two … Continue reading

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Global Climate Energy Project, Big Oil, and Big Benefactors

I read this article today about a recent decision by a major benefactor of Stanford University to withdraw a $2.5 million dollar gift to the university because Stanford recently accepted a $100 million dollar gift from ExxonMobil. The ExxonMobil gift … Continue reading

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Peak Oil and Biophysical Economics

I recently had the chance to see Charlie Hall (from SUNY-ESF) give a lecture on Peak Oil. I think like many geologists I’ve either seen and/or read quite a bit about the concept of peak oil recently, so the material … Continue reading

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San Francisco, the city that waits to die!

This post is intended to honor one of the great geology films of all time. Really a classic. It is amazing how many people I know who at some time in their career have seen this film, but yet how … Continue reading

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The Racetrack, Death Valley, California

So, Many of you will recognize these. Well, when I say many of you, I mean me, who is the only person really reading this blog. But, just in case you stumbled across this page, and know the answer to … Continue reading

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