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The Root of the Problem

Like many nerds I have liked my favorite societies and funding agencies on Facebook. Two of them posted this press release from the NSF today summarizing a study that suggests that students in classes that have activities and interaction do … Continue reading

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For the Love of Field Trips

Years ago I was asked to fill out a survey that dealt with the recruitment and retention of geology majors. Specifically, many schools have introduced environmental science majors which have siphoned off potential geologists**, generally draining students from the more … Continue reading

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The Great M&M Experiment

Teaching about radioactive decay and geochronology has its challenges. I think it is important to include in introductory courses, and I’ve tried a variety of exercises and techniques to try to convey some of the more important aspects. My goals are … Continue reading

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Developing a sense of place

I’ve noticed a few common threads in the books, movies, and songs that I like the most. For whatever reason, I tend to respond to media that describes place well. It wasn’t something that I did on purpose, but something I … Continue reading

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Getting your point across

Mother Jones has an article today written by Chris Mooney summarizing a recent study published in Nature by a team of psychologists that looked into how experts communicate science. Although not surprising, perhaps it signals a simple way we could help solve the problem: stop … Continue reading

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The figure most likely to appear

During a pretty solid department seminar recently I got to add some tallies in the back of my Office Book (like a field book but for inside science). Since 2007 I’ve been keeping track of a few things in the back of … Continue reading

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My last new rock? The peperite.

When you begin to learn geology you are asked to become familiar with an enormous new vocabulary. Rock types, time periods, structural features, and locations, from anticline to zeolite (or apatite to zircon if you decide to be a thermochronologist). I … Continue reading

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Best. Idea. Ever.

Head over to the Geological Society of London Blog and check out how to enter their geo bake-off. This damn near defines “things I wish I’d thought of,” and I can’t wait to see the entries. Go here.  

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Why we do so little about climate change

As I’ve discussed in earlier posts, the evidence showing that humans are causing climate change, and that the change will be bad for our society, is well-established, overwhelmingly accepted in the scientific community, and to a first-order, not too difficult … Continue reading

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Peer Reviewed Humor 2 – The simplest of all summaries

In an earlier post I wrote about one of my favorite published responses of all time. Part two of this series on geohumor, or peer reviewed and published humor more broadly, comes from a 1974 paper in the Bulletin of … Continue reading

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