Thermochronologists for Obama

The wait is over. All across the country, undecided voters have been waiting by their televisions, constantly checking email, listening non-stop to NPR, just to learn which presidential candidate has earned the Apparent Dip seal of approval. I know how much sway my choice has, believe me, as the author of the world’s leading thermochronology themed blog…well, let’s just say the responsibility has weighed heavily on my (figurative) shoulders.

Apparent Dip is officially endorsing the Obama/Biden ticket. No big surprise perhaps. As someone who reads books, did well in school, and grew up in California, I obviously don’t belong to the “real America” I’ve heard so much about at GOP rallies. I grew up in a decent sized city, which means I lack “small town values” and therefore hate my neighbors, can’t stand families, am allergic to hard work, do nothing worthwhile, am a communist, cavort with terrorists, and of course, want America to fail. I am also an elitist because I think issues are complicated and can’t always be summed up as one-liners, oh, and I also enjoy reading and non-motorized outdoor activities, which means I am a whiny liberal tree-hugger. Oh, and I don’t believe that the term “mothers health” should be put in air quotes or muttered in a snide tone. I care a great deal about my mother’s health, and don’t consider that an extreme position.

On the issues, well, this seems to be a no brainer. I can’t think of a single thing that has gone well in the Bush administration, and McCain agreed with Bush 90% of the time. Right now, the university I work at has a football team that has had a rough few years. Really rough, no bowl games, no winning seasons, no big crowds, embarrassing losses, you know what I mean. Much of the blame is laid at the feet of the coach. Would a fan of this team want to replace the coach with someone who thought he did 90% of everything right? Of course not.

Add to this the fact that for the first time in my life, I have been inspired by a politician. Now, I don’t agree with everything Obama is proposing, and I understand the realities of politics, I know many of his plans will be difficult to enact. They always are. What gives me hope though, is that Obama recognizes and acknowledges that issues are complicated. Obama has even spoken about what a huge problem anti-intellectualism is in America today. Seriously, a politician who isn’t pretending to be a doofus. A politician who thinks it is important to be more than a guy “you can have a beer with.” You know what guys who you can have a beer with are good for? Having a beer with.

On a serious thermochronology note, McCain and Palin have both made offensively ignorant and anti-scientific statements recently. They both love to rail against government spending on research, even when it is obvious that they have no idea what the research is really for. Remember Palin’s rant about fruit fly funding? I’m no geneticist, but anyone who has stayed awake through a college biology course knows the importance of fruit flies in genetics research. And guess what, the research Palin was slamming actually is involved with treating children’s autism. In one of the debates, McCain brought up DNA research on grizzly bears as a waste of money. Turns out that is the most effective way to understand their population and therefore enforce the endangered species act. But hey, who cares? This also came up a few years ago, when I heard McCain ranting about funding to study “cow farts.” The research was actually about methane, a potent greenhouse gas, much of which happens to come from cows. But hey, as long as you can reduce serious science down to a funny one-liner, it must be a waste of money. Not a good use of funds like the Iraq war. To be fair, I don’t expect McCain and Palin to know all the science. I do, however, expect them to consult with scientists on scientific issues, which from their statements they apparently do not. And to boot, Palin is a proponent of teaching creationism (excuse me, I mean incompetent design) in public schools, a sure fire way to undermine science. If someone wanted to destroy America’s ability to compete scientifically in the future I believe they’d favor the same programs.

I could go on, and it would become more rantish. Long story short, the world’s leading thermochronology blog is officially endorsing the Obama/Biden ticket for the 2008 presidential election. I care too much about the future of the country, despite my status as a fake american elitist. Don’t forget to vote!

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12 Responses to Thermochronologists for Obama

  1. Branden says:

    Your logic is not welcome here!

  2. BrianR says:

    I’ve been waiting for the thermochronology community to say something … now I can finally decide!

  3. Brian – Yes, I am sure there are many like you around the country, it will be interesting to see how it affects the national polls tomorrow. I suppose I should prepare myself for all of the interview requests.

  4. Chus says:

    < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Full Obama TV Ad!<> đŸ™‚

  5. First of all, I think it is unfair to say the GOP is judging you this way. That is totally not true. Questions, you would choose a socialistic life because of some scientific views? Don’t the bigger issues concern you at all? I would hope and pray you are making your decisions on much more than the scientific views.

  6. Omah,Oh yes, I am voting on all the issues. There is not a single issue that McCain beats Obama on, but because this is a science blog, I think it appropriate to focus on that.The fact that you use the term “socialism” is odd. Obama is not a socialist, and attempts to tag him as such are simple scare tactics. By your definition, Ronald Reagan would also be a socialist, he after all invented the earned income tax credit. All taxes are redistributions of wealth. Sometimes the majority give money to the super rich minority, that has been the redistribution plan favored over the past 8 years. I favor a more fair plan that realizes that the economy runs best from the bottom up. Trickle down policies have failed every time they have been tried. Every time.Obama was right to oppose the Iraw invasion, even when it was unpopular. If we would have listened to him, thousands of young Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis would be alive today.Obama is right on health care. The private sector has entirely failed providing health care to all working americans. Failed. They have had their chance, now we should be able to buy into the same plan McCain has enjoyed his whole life.Obama is right about the new Green Collar economy, and how it is our best chance to lead our economy into the future.Obama is right about diplomacy. It is called diplomacy because it means you have to talk to people you disagree with. Anyone can talk to their friends.Obama is right about abortion. I am pro-choice, which means that as a man who is not pregnant I have no right to tell women who are how to treat themselves. Obama has also worked for intelligent age appropriate sex education, thus reducing the number of unwanted pregnancies in the first place, something Palin and the whole republican ticket fight against tooth and nail.And, McCain, Palin, and the Republicans have continued the vulgarization of American politics. I cannot stand this. It seems to get worse every year, loud mouths yelling at each other. I am in favor of calm and intelligent discourse. That is how problems get solved. Calling people names (like socialist), attacking their character, questioning their patriotism because they disagree with you, those things are hurting this country. So yes, I vote on all of the issues. McCain and Palin do not hold the better side in a single one of them. I am ready for a president who does not attack character (even when it would be easy with the savings account stealing pro-adultery McCain), and instead focuses on issues and problems. America needs that. The whole world needs that. McCain is 90% Bush, I can’t think of a worse thing for this country to have then four more years of the same failed policies.

  7. Chocobo says:

    Why is “socialist” an insult? Also, I think that science leaves plenty of room for religion (albeit on a personal level), why can’t some religions leave room for science?

  8. Eric says:

    Like thermochronic here, I too am a secret muslim marxist; as such, I plan to vote for Comrade Obama. Then, when everyone is forcibly gay-married, we can get around to the most important issue facing us today: aborting fetuses. đŸ˜‰

  9. Thanks for your response. Let’s just agree to disagree. I see your point on this being a science blog. Was just curious as to whether that was your main basis for your decision. I will say I enjoy your blog, you offer a lot of interesting information. Science has always been my favorite subject. OMGosh! Religous people do like science đŸ˜‰ LOL I would like to comment on one point though, slanderous remarks has come from both sides, which I too am sick of hearing. Politics has gotten ugly on BOTH sides. I’ll leave it at that. I don’t want to turn your comments line into a heated debate on Politics. Healthy discussions are more enjoyable.

  10. Good idea, we can disagree on things, healthy discussion are much more important. I would never imply that religious people don’t enjoy science or can’t promote science, and I hope the blog doesn’t give off that impression.

  11. BrianR says:

    Omah’s says: “slanderous remarks has come from both sides”I’m sick of this false equivalency … the filth coming from the McCain campaign (from the CAMPAIGN, not random supporters) goes far and beyond Obama’s CAMPAIGN … and everyone knows it. I’m so sick of this “both sides” bullshit. Omah, prove to me where Obama’s campaign has lied/distorted repeatedly, questioned McCain’s patriotism, accused him of pallin’ around w/ terrorists, and so on. No more false equivalency!!

  12. Apsu says:

    :)))< HREF="" REL="nofollow">minikperi<>

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